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Made-to-order: Build time of 12+ weeks*

Our shields are modeled from the most common shape found historically. The Greek Aspis/Hoplon, the Roman Clipeus, the Indian Dhal, the Scottish Targe, the Spartan, Norse (viking), or Yetholm shields, among others, were all examples of this circular shape. Our shields most closely resemble that of the Aspis/Hoplon, a shallow convex dome shape. Our design modernizes these to create a lighter, stronger, more durable and comfortable to use all purpose shield. They feature a rolled edge, foam arm padding, adjustable leather arm strap, and a solid grip.

• 16" or 21" diameter
• 4.5" solid ABS grip
• 1" thick foam arm pad
• Adjustable leather arm strap
• Constructed of solid 16 gauge carbon steel
• Cold rolled edge for greater durability
• See specs for dimensions and weight

*See our Shipping Policy for more info.

16" Shield 21" Shield
Diameter: 16" Diameter: 21"
Depth: 1.5" Depth: 2.5"
Grip: Length - 4.5" / Diameter - 1" Grip: Length - 4.5" / Diameter - 1"
Total Depth: 4" Total Depth: 4.5"
Arm Pad: 15"L x 4"W Arm Pad: 19"L x 4"W
Leather Strap: 14"L x 2.5"W Leather Strap: 16.25"L x 2.5"W
Adjustable Length: 8 - 12 inches Adjustable Length: 10 - 14 inches
Weight: 4.7 lbs / 75oz Weight: 7.2lbs / 115oz

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