Rogue Steel has a wide variety of stage combat weapons and accessories available to rent for your next production! All rental items are either hand-made or chosen by us for the same safety and durability you'd expect. Rentals are available upon a first come, first served basis. Please make arrangements early to avoid disappointment. 

*International Rentals are not available at this time.*


Rental pricing, with a few exceptions, is $20 per small item, and $40 per large item for up to a 4 week rental period. Any rental period of 5+ weeks is calculated on a per week basis, with small items at $5/week and large items at $10/week. A rental week starts on a Monday and ends the following Sunday. Shipping cost is not included in this price. One-way shipping will be assessed as part of the rental order quote. Customer is solely responsible for return shipping.

WEAPONS AVAILABLE: Include, but are not limited to:

Large Items

  • Rapiers with either schlager or musketeer blade (side ring, double ring, dish hilt, cup hilt, swept hilt)

  • Smallswords with or without knucklebow

  • Broadswords (single hand or hand-and-a-half)

  • Leaf-Blades

  • Cutlasses and Sabres

  • Katanas

  • Shields 

  • Two Handed Axes, Jian, Large Fantasy Blades


Small Items

  • Daggers (boot, bodice, parrying, ring, main gauche)

  • Knives (paracord or scaled)

  • Hand Axes

  • Bucklers
  • Machete
  • Maces


 If you don't find what you are looking for on our list, please Contact Us. Some modifications or specifications can be made by our staff in order for our theatrical weapons to better fit your production's needs.


A rental contract detailing the terms and conditions will be drafted for each individual order. The following information is necessary to create each document:

  • Full name, email address, and phone number

  • Theatre, school, or company name (when applicable)

  • Billing and shipping addresses

  • Beginning and ending dates of rental period

  • Type and quantity of items needed

  • Preferred method of payment (CC / P.O.)

Once we have all of the information listed above, a rental agreement will be sent for your review and signature. A signed agreement must be returned before an order can be reserved. For independent renters, a valid credit card must be retained in accordance with the terms of agreement.

If you're ready to make a rental request, please use our form below! If you have questions or need assistance in making a rental order, please Contact Us so that we may help you get started. Rentals are available upon a first come, first served basis. Please make arrangements early to avoid disappointment.