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Our buckler opts for a convex domed design with no central boss. This follows many early small shield designs as well as several historical buckler examples from Turkey (kalkan), India (dhal), Sumatra (peurise awe), and Spain (rodela). This shape places the hand a bit further back and leaves room for all hand sizes with or without gloves. Pair it with one of our rapiers or any of our single-hand swords and enjoy excellent versatility in sword and buckler technique.

• 11" diameter
• Constructed of solid 16 gauge carbon steel
• Cold rolled edge provides greater durability
• 4.5" solid ABS grip
• Weight: 2.3 lbs (36.5 oz)

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Buckler and grip brackets are high carbon steel. Grip is ABS.

Diameter: 11" / Depth:  2"
Grip: Length - 4.5" / Diameter - 1"
Total Depth: 3"
Weight: 36.5 oz / 2.3 lbs

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