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Available with either an Epee or Musketeer blade in multiple lengths.

The smallsword, also known as small sword or court sword, is a light one-handed weapon designed for thrusting which evolved out of the longer and heavier rapier of the late Renaissance period. It grew to a height of popularity during the mid 17th to late 18th century.

**Blade "standard" length refers to current industry standard. Alternative lengths available for a more historically accurate look/feel**

Leather Colors
Black Brown Burgundy
Black Leather
Brown Leather
Burgandy Leather
Rayskin Colors
Black Navy Green
Black Ray Skin
Burgundy Purple
Burgandy Ray Skin Purple Ray Skin
Wire-Wrap Options
Black Wire Wrap
Brass Wire Wrap
Copper Wire Wrap
Steel Wire Wrap

Blade:  Length - 34.75" /  Width - .75" to .125"

Guard:  Length w/ knucklebow - 5" /  Width - 4"

Grip:  Length - 3.25" /  Diameter - 1.25"

Pommel:  Length - 1.75"

Total Length:  41.25"

Weight:  17.8 oz / 1.11 lbs


Bilobate:  3" x 3"

Boatshell:  3" x 3"

Oval:  3.75" x 2.5"

Scalloped:  3" Diameter

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