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The single sword is a modern historical creation from old Hollywood swashbuckling movies such as the Mask of Zorro. It had a bold sabre style guard and a light flexible blade. Our single sword design carries on these theatrical roots and is the go-to for stage combat technique.

The single sword is a fantastic tool for fast flashy swordplay and is also a great inexpensive alternative to a classic rapier or smallsword. A lightweight and versatile stage sword great for the beginner and seasoned fighter alike!

• High carbon steel blades**
• Safely rounded tips and edges
• Aluminum guard & carbon steel pommel
• Felt knuckle-guard pad
• Aluminum grip core covered in Rubber or Leather
• Threaded tang & pommel for easy maintenance
• Blade - 35" / Total Length - 41.5"
• Weight: Epee - .81 lbs (13 oz) / Musketeer - 1 lb (16.1 oz)

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Blades and pommels are high carbon steel. Guards are aluminum. Tang and pommel are threaded (6mm x 1) for easy maintenance.

Blade: Length - 35" / Width - .75" to .125"
Guard: Length - 5" / Width - 5.25" / Depth - 5.5"
Grip: Length - 5.75" / Diameter - .75"
Pommel: Length - 1"
Total Length: 41.5"
Epee Weight: .81 lbs / 13 oz
Musketeer Weight: 1 lb /16.1 oz

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlene Cearley
Quality Product; Great Service

The swords are beautiful, sturdy, and safe for our high school stage combat. Customer service was top notch, and they were very communicative. I will definitely be purchasing from this company again.

Ryan Liddell
Even the Basics are Better Here

The most beautiful single swords, well-balanced, sturdy, and shiny, come from this shop. I've always loved them for Hero blades, but they're brilliant with the basics, too.

Hilary Forde
Swords are well made

So far so good. It matches the other swords I have except for the handle. My original swords have leather wrapping. Different feel but my students like them.

Michael Tait
Ten Out of Ten

I ordered 5 Single Swords on a Monday. The website warned that there may be delays due to shortages, and given what is going on the world I thought "fair enough. I don't need them for at least a month anyway". However, I was told within a day or two that the order was shipped, and by that Saturday I received it. Even if there wasn't a shortage, I would consider this more than acceptable. I haven't had the chance to use them yet, but since my previous purchases have been successfully used in a stage production of "I Hate Hamlet", I have high hopes. Thank you!

Jennifer Ezell
Helpful customer service, and great product!

I purchased this as a gift. I am not familiar enough with all the options available and needed to rely on customer service to help with some of the decisions - the results were perfect! The recipient was so pleased! Thank you Rogue Steel!