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Available with either a Rogue Steel epee or musketeer blade. Aluminum Guard available in either a bright (mirrored) or matte finish. Normally in-stock and ready to ship!

Our single sword is an inexpensive modern alternative to a classic rapier or smallsword. The hilt is made from a fencing sabre style guard mounted onto one of our epee or musketeer blades. Grips are available in either a soft black rubber or wrapped black leather. One of our custom made hexagonal pommels firmly keeps everything in place and allows for quick and easy maintenance.  A lightweight and versatile stage sword great for the beginner and seasoned fighter alike!


Carbon Steel Blade:  Length - 35" /  Width - .75" to .125"

Aluminum Guard:  Length - 5" /  Width - 5.25" / Depth - 5.5"

Grip:  Length - 5.75" /  Diameter - .75"

Carbon Steel Pommel:  Length - 1"

Total Length:  41.5"

Weight:  13 oz / .81 lbs

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