Leaf Blade

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Lightweight and durable.  Perfect for classic period productions

Inspired by designs found in a variety of ancient artworks, this sword is representative of the Xiphos used by Greek soldiers.  This style of sword gained popularity in modern day with it's use in fantasy films like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Leather Colors
Black Brown Burgundy
Black Leather
Brown Leather
Burgandy Leather
Rayskin Colors
Black Navy Green
Black Ray Skin
Burgundy Purple
Burgandy Ray Skin Purple Ray Skin
Wire-Wrap Options
Black Wire Wrap
Brass Wire Wrap
Copper Wire Wrap
Steel Wire Wrap

Blade:  Length - 19.25" /  Width - 1.625" to .25"

Guard:  Length - 4" /  Width - .75"

Grip:  Length - 4.5" /  Diameter - 1" to .5"

Pomel:  Length - 1.625" / Width - 1.5"

Total Length:  25.75"

Weight:  35.8 oz / 2.23 lbs

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