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Constructed of solid 16 gauge steel, our shield comes in either a 16" or 21" diameter.

Our shields feature a rolled edge, foam arm padding, adjustable leather arm strap, and a solid grip.

Our shields are round, modeled from the most common shape found historically. The Greek aspis / hoplon, the Roman clipeus, the Indian dhal, the Scottish targe, the Spartan, Norse (viking), or Yetholm shields, among others, were all examples of this circular shape. While all of these shared this general shape, they each had distinct differences. 

Our design most closely resembles that of the Greek aspis, also referred to as a hoplon after the warriors that used them (hoplites). These circular shields had a convex shallow domed shape primarily made of wood. Though, some were known to be covered in a thin sheet of bronze for added protection. Our design modernizes these aspects to create a lighter, stronger, more durable and comfortable to use all purpose shield. 

 16" Shield 21" Shield

Diameter:  16" Diameter:  21"
Depth:  1.5" Depth:  2.5"
Grip:  Length - 4.5" / Diameter - 1" Grip:  Length - 4.5" / Diameter - 1"
Total Depth:  4" Total Depth:T  4.5"
Arm Pad:  15"L x 4"W Arm Pad:  19"L x 4"W
Leather Strap:  14"L x 2.5"W Leather Strap:  16.25"L x 2.5"W
Adjustable Length:  8 - 12 inches Adjustable Length:  10 - 14 inches
Weight:  75oz / 4.7 lbs Weight:  115oz / 7.2lbs


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