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Longsword (Long Sword) / Great Sword / Zwiehander / Espadon /  Passot / Knight (Knightly) Sword

Our Longsword features a hexagonal shaped carbon steel blade, with or without a fuller, and a scent-stopper (flared) style pommel.

The longsword commonly refers to a type of European double-edged weapon with a cruciform (cross shaped) hilt and two-handed grip.  The name directly references the length of the grip, denoting a two-handed fighting style, rather than the length of the blade itself.

Historically, this style of weapon was prevalent during the late medieval and Renaissance periods (approximately 1350 to 1550), with early and late use reaching into the 13th and 17th centuries. While used historically such as the German Langes Schwert or the Italian Spada Longa, the term longsword in contemporary use resurfaced in the early 2000s in reference to the reconstruction of the German school of fencing. 

Leather Colors

Our grip leather is cut from a 3oz 100% genuine high quality whole cowhide. Semi-transparent aniline dyed for a full depth of color while maintaining the natural grain. Made in the USA.


Black Brown Burgundy
Black Leather
Brown Leather
Burgundy Leather
Rayskin Colors

Our stingray leather is sourced from non-endangered dasyatis stingray native to the Atlantic. Cut from 100% genuine full stingray hide in a caviar (standard) finish. This finish leaves the outer hide unaltered and maintains it's natural pearled ridges. Rayskin is extremely durable (25x stronger than cowhide) and naturally resists scratches, scuffing, or punctures. Made in the USA.


Black Navy Green
Black Ray Skin
Burgundy Purple
Burgandy Ray Skin Purple Ray Skin

Blade, guard, and pommel are all solid carbon steel. Tang and pommel are threaded for easy maintenance. 

Blade:  Length - 36" /  Width - 1.75" to .75"

Guard:  Length - 9" /  Width - 1" to .375"

Grip:  Length - 9" /  Diameter - 1.5"

Pommel:  Length - 2.25"

Total Length:  47.5"

Weight:  57.4 oz / 3.59 lbs

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