Leaf Blade

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Lightweight and durable.  Perfect for classic period productions

Inspired by designs found in a variety of ancient artworks, this sword is representative of the Xiphos used by Greek soldiers.  This style of sword gained popularity in modern day with it's use in fantasy films like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Leather Colors

Our grip leather is cut from a 3oz 100% genuine high quality whole cowhide. Semi-transparent aniline dyed for a full depth of color while maintaining the natural grain. Made in the USA.


Black Brown Burgundy
Black Leather
Brown Leather
Burgundy Leather
Rayskin Colors

Our stingray leather is sourced from non-endangered dasyatis stingray native to the Atlantic. Cut from 100% genuine full stingray hide in a caviar (standard) finish. This finish leaves the outer hide unaltered and maintains it's natural pearled ridges. Rayskin is extremely durable (25x stronger than cowhide) and naturally resists scratches, scuffing, or punctures. Made in the USA.


Black Navy Green
Black Ray Skin
Burgundy Purple
Burgandy Ray Skin Purple Ray Skin
Wire-Wrap Options

Our wire wraps are made using bare wire in 18 gage, 24 gage or a combination of the two. Materials are 100% brass, copper, blackened carbon steel, or stainless steel. Made in the USA.


Black Wire Wrap
Brass Wire Wrap
Copper Wire Wrap
Steel Wire Wrap

Blade is either aircraft grade aluminum or high carbon steel. Guard and pommel are both high carbon steel. Tang and pommel are threaded for easy maintenance.


Blade:  Length - 19.25" /  Width - 1.625" to .25"

Guard:  Length - 4" /  Width - .75"

Grip:  Length - 4.5" /  Diameter - 1" to .5"

Pommel:  Length - 1.625" / Width - 1.5"

Total Length:  25.75"

Aluminum Weight:  21.3 oz / 1.33 lbs

Steel Weight:  35.8 oz / 2.23 lbs

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