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Fulfillment Schedules

Hello Rogues!

Our build schedule (the time it takes us to complete one of our made-to-order stage combat products) is currently at a 12 week minimum with some orders taking longer. It has increased over the past year largely due to continued issues and delays in the global supply chain. Though, any deadlines, including holiday orders, that we already have will be met, and we strive to accommodate orders with deadlines whenever possible.

We make every effort to be transparent about these issues and set clear expectations as to our fulfillment schedule. Individual product pages will continually be revised with the most up-to-date information and further resources can be found throughout our site. Please take advantage of our Shipping Policy page under our resources tab to familiarize yourself with the different item categories on our site and their corresponding fulfillment expectations. If there is a question or concern that isn't addressed on our site, please reach out to us.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we navigate these new market conditions!

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