COVID-19 Update: We're Back!

UPDATED:  5/29/2020
***We know people are wondering, given the unexpected time lapse, about when they will receive their current orders. Especially those customers that may be changing addresses. We wish we could give everyone a specific date, but unfortunately the nature of hand made products makes that a daunting task. Though, we want to be as clear and upfront as possible.
Currently, we are working with a delay of about 8 weeks from an order's previous build schedule (which was 10-12 weeks at the time before the shut down). We are all working hard to get orders out at a faster rate, but greatly appreciate your continued patience. We will be reaching out to everyone individually to confirm their current address before making shipments. Please be on the look out for the email subject line, "Shipment Confirmation from Rogue Steel", coming from Confirming addresses will also be a standard practice from us before shipment.
All In-Stock and ready stocked (gloves/gauntlets, t-shirts, bags, single sword) items will ship ASAP if ordered without a product subject to a build time. 
If you have any further questions or concerns please do reach out to us. We greatly appreciate you all!***

Good day, adventurers!

First and foremost, thank you to those who have orders in with us. We appreciate your continued patience as we play catch-up after being shut down for nearly two months. We will be fulfilling orders just as quickly as we can.

Secondly, we are doing what we can to keep you...and We are fortunate enough to have the space to maintain social distancing with the five of us here. On top of that, we are all wearing either cloth masks or our respirators at all times; obviously we wear our other PPE all the time.

Our guarantee to you is that every piece that leaves our shop will be sanitized prior to packaging, and will be packed in our newly established 'clean room.' Obviously, we don't have control over what happens once the shipping companies take them, but know that we are doing what we can.

We appreciate you all, and look forward to continuing to supply you with the best stage safe weapons in the business.

Sincerely, your friends at Rogue Steel.

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