Company Update

Greetings Rogues. You will or already have noticed that we've made price increases across all of our stage combat products. When the pandemic hit last year we knew that our costs were going to increase alongside our sales decreasing. This was certainly the case, but we were able to weather the storm and scrape by thanks to our amazing community and some creative endeavors. Though, for us to remain viable, an eventual product price increase was an inevitability. Well, that time is here and, much to our dismay, its come more fast and heavy than expected. Our company was founded, first and foremost, on providing a service to the stage combat community. So when we have to raise prices during times like these, we want to be as transparent about it as possible.

Our original plan was to reassess all of our current costs, get up-to-date quotes from all of our suppliers, and make an announcement giving people a heads up to adjust for the upcoming increases. Unfortunately, when we collected all that data we were hit with a harsh reality. Prices have skyrocketed amongst every level of our supply chain and we were already operating at a loss. Metal prices have increased as much as 400% (within less than a year) and shipping has more than doubled from most of our suppliers. We've never seen such rapid increases. As a company that makes products almost completely made from metal, you can imagine how that affects everything that we do. So we had to make the hard decision to increase our prices immediately. Some things have seen small raises, while items with much more metal have increased proportionally. We fully expect that this will be another hard transition for us to weather, but we hope to continue to find ways to make our business accessible to our community. 

Speaking of, we've decided to take this albeit sour opportunity and assess our shipping methods to streamline our shopping experience. We've partnered with Route to offer package and delivery protection. This will allow our customers to insure their deliveries against loss, damage, or theft for a nominal fee of around 1% of the order total. Route will then handle any potential delivery issues, should they arise, quickly and efficiently. Previously, we've covered the costlier expense of insuring directly through each delivery company and handled any issues in house. Route will allow us to reduce our overall delivery costs and keep us working on orders instead of being on the phone with delivery companies. Which means, all of our stage combat products will now ship free to anywhere within the continental US! Say goodbye to unexpected costs during checkout. The price you see is what you pay (taxes & rogue merch excluded). We have many plans in the works to further connect with our customers and the stage combat community including new products and accessories. In addition, we're looking into alternative payment options and even have some budget-friendly products being developed for the near future. Look out for more news about these updates here on our website as well as our social media platforms. 

All the best from us at Rogue Steel

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