Fight Family Fundraiser

Every year at the Winter Wonderland stage combat workshop a fundraiser has been held in support of a Fight Family member in need. Members of our community have generously contributed to these fundraisers to help one of our own for over 20 years. Due to the pandemic, Winter Wonderland was not able to be held this year. Though, we know the fighting spirit of this community never dies.

Single Action Theatre Co. (501c3), in conjunction with Rogue Steel, is hosting this year's fundraiser virtually! Similar to our workshop fundraisers in the past, we have a fantastic prize available for one lucky winner. Each contribution comes with more chances to win a fully custom Rogue Steel Longsword donated by an anonymous member of the stage combat community! All contributions will be donated directly to our chosen member in need at the end of the campaign.

We hope you'll join us in making this year yet another success, either by contributing or spreading the word. Thank you and fight on!