Large Bag - Manufacturing Defect Sale

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Our recent stock of large bags have a minor defect from our manufacturer. Priced to move stock so our loss turns into your gain!

So what's wrong with it? The zipper on the main compartment was made on the opposite side of the bag. This places the weight directly on the zippered portion while being held from the side straps. This could create an undue burden on the zipper potentially causing it to fail. 

Why purchase it? The good news is that, otherwise, the bags are in perfect condition and can be used as normal if only carried by the back straps. We wouldn't recommend using the side straps with heavy equipment, but light pieces may be fine. Anyone savvy with a sewing machine could potentially move the side straps to the zippered side rendering the bag nearly good as new. With this minor defect in mind, we are offering these at a steep discount in order to make room for our new stock. 

All original features still apply! Heavy-duty construction, generous storage capacity, convenient back straps for portability, and multiple pockets for all your accessories.



Length:  47"

Width:  Bottom - 15"

Width:  Top -  7"

Depth:  7"

Weight:  49 oz / 3.06 lbs

Font Pocket:

Length:  12.5"

Width:  12.5"

Depth:  2"

Long Pocket:

Length:  17"

Width:  Bottom - 8"

Width:  Top - 5.5"

Depth:  2"

Zipper Opening:  12"